Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Tasting Menu of Fish

It seems that I'm really getting into Asian flavors this month. Jake recently said that he sometimes envies me because I like so many more foods than he does, so I decided to make a tasting menu for him on Saturday night. (Just when I said I was done taking on too many things at one time...) I made 2 different types of fish (salmon and grouper) 3 different ways. Five of the six varieties were Asian or Asian inspired and it turns out, he likes some flavor combinations he didn't know he did.

This is what I put together:

orange-honey-habanero (powder) (with oil)
lemon-cilantro (dried)-chili (with oil)

lemon-lemongrass-chili garlic

I made some wasabi mashed potatoes to go with the miso-glazed fish but neither of us really cared for it so I served all the fish wish jasmine rice. He actually liked 3 of the combinations: the lime-ginger-soy salmon, the lemon-lemongrass-chili garlic grouper, and the sesame-ginger-garlic-lime grouper, so that's pretty exciting. The miso was the only one he really didn't like, but I was prepared for that. I mixed all the marinades in common sense proportions except the miso, tasting them along the way to make sure I got the balance right . For the miso I adapted a recipe I found online and let all the fish sit in the fridge (in the marinades) for about 9 hours. It wouldn't be a Saturday without too many things to do, would it?

The other two salmon combinations didn't have any real flavor other than the salmon itself; I'm thinking the oil somehow canceled out the citrus and spices, or overpowered it? Maybe they would have been better as a rub.

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