Friday, January 6, 2012

Too Many Ideas

A good deal of this week for me has been spent cruising food and nutrition blogs and finding new recipes, so as the weekend approaches I'm slightly overwhelmed by all the amazing food I'm dying to try to make. Usually by Thursday morning I have all of the next week's meals roughly planned out and my grocery list set but here it is Friday evening and I'm still undecided. Of course, not all of the food I'm planning to try out is of the nutritious meal variety--unless your meals consist of chocolate, cookies and caramel.
My biggest goal for 2012 is to try out at least 1 new recipe each week and right now that seems perfectly do-able, if only I can decide what I want to try first.
Udon Noodles?
Homemade vegetable soup?
A vegetarian version of beef in a leaf?
Sweet potato salmon cakes?
Something to go with a new broccoli recipe?
Light fried rice?
So many choices. It might be fun to make this an Asian-themed food week. We don't currently eat a lot of Asian food so that could either be a really great change or just plain overkill.

I was reading through some of David Lebovitz's blog archives earlier today and he mentioned a chocolate bar he gets in a chocolate shop in France called a l'Atlantique; it's a dark chocolate bar with shortbread and salted caramel in the middle. As overly sweet as Christmas was for me and as much as I'm trying to stay away from all processed sugar, I can't help but want to make my own version of it this weekend. Jake loves dark chocolate and shortbread and I recently fell in love with salted caramel so this could be a really bad idea for both of us.

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